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rabbit surgical mask  COVID-19 Updates

 A million times we've said, when the day comes we have to lock up all the animals we should just lock our doors. And yet, here we are, just trying to keep our doors open. You would not believe how many tears were shed over this painful, temporary decision but, no matter how intense our cleaning procedures may be, there are some things you just can't sanitize.

To reduce the potential spread of germs, our animals are temporarily not being held or touched by the public.
They are still available for adoption and sale but, for now, please just admire from a safe distance.

See any employee for details.

Please know that our staff is heartbroken over this temporary decision. It goes against everything we’re about. But we’re trying to participate in as much “social distancing” as we can without closing our doors. Our sincere hope is to be back to normal as soon as possible. We're here to help you but please maintain safe distances and PLEASE LIMIT EXTRA BROWSING in order to expedite shopping visits for the safety of our staff and other customers. Thanks for your understanding.

We are still OPEN regular store hours (for now).
Mon-Sat 10am-8pm
Sun 11am-6pm


For the safety and convenience of our beloved and respected senior citizens, all seniors are welcome to start shopping 30 minutes BEFORE our normal opening times, every day. The sign will still say "closed" but we will be watching the front doors and are happy to let you in early.

For the safety and convenience of the immunocompromised, all high risk customers are welcome to shop immediately AFTER HOURS, for up to 30 minutes AFTER our normal closing times, every day. The sign will say "closed" but we will be watching the front doors and are happy to let you in late, up to about 20 minutes after close. Or please call ahead and we'll disinfect your order the best we can and bring it out to your vehicle.

Please remember that, even though you can purchase pet supplies anywhere, we appreciate your understanding that the PROCEEDS from our pet supply sales SUPPORT OUR EXOTIC SHELTER and ANIMAL RESCUE WORK and all our free community programs. Shop local and support the places who support your community!
Animal Surrender Hours (have not changed)
Mondays 1-4pm
Small Mammals
Tue/Thu 1-4pm
Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids
Wed/Fri 1-4pm
For dogs and cats please visit the other shelter, Lawrence Humane Society

We're sorry to announce that

Easter Bunny Pix have been cancelled.

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Pet World 5K


The Pet World 5K was a fun, obstacle filled, mud run for staff, family, and friends that used to be held on Memorial Day and Labor Day while Pet World is closed. Unfortunately, the event is not currently being held...

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