Turtles & Tortoises

It's pretty obvious how much we love tortoises with our rescued, giant sulcatta tortoises! (Meet them here!) Plus our red footed tortoises and variety of other tortoises! We also have some of their relatives, the turtles! As the exotic animal shelter for Lawrence, Kansas, we have animals from rescues to rehomes to specialty bred just for us. Below is a list of some of the tortoises and turtles you might see at Pet World.


Baby Red Footed Tortoise
Pictured: Baby Red Footed Tortoise

  • Sulcatta Tortoise
  • Red Foot Tortoise
  • Yellow Foot Tortoise
  • Hermann's Tortoise
  • Elongated Tortoises
  • Leopard Tortoises



Red Eared Slider
Pictured: Red Eared Slider

  • Red Eared Sliders
  • Yellowbelly Sliders
  • Western Painted Turtles

Please remember this list is for reference only. To ensure availability feel free to call 785-841-7476 or stop in and see for yourself!