Frogs & Toads

Frogs and toads can make some of the coolest pets! Lots of Pet World staff members (and even the owners) keep frogs as pets. We recommend frogs and toads be kept in live planted vivariums and we have everything you need to set one up! As the exotic animal shelter for Lawrence, Kansas, we have animals from rescues to rehomes to specialty bred just for us. Here is a list of the kinds of frogs and toads you might see at Pet World.

Tree Frogs

Green tree frog
Pictured: Green tree frog

  • Green Tree Frog

Dart Frogs

Blue Dart Frog
Pictured: Blue Dart Frog (Azureus)

  • Tinctorius Cobalts
  • Tinctorius Azures
  • Auratus
  • Leucomelas

Other Frogs

Pacman Frog
Pictured: Pacman Frog

  • Pacman Frogs
  • Chubby Frog
  • Tomato Frogs