Critter Camp

2017 LCC has 0 of 12 spots available!
2016 LCC sold out by May 6
2017 LCC sold out May 8

Every summer we have eager, younger siblings just wishing they could go to camp. By request, we added an introductory camp for the really little ones, ages 3 and 4. Lil' Critter Camp is designed for preschoolers (ages 3-4) who are ready to spend a couple hours at Pet World, with or without mom or dad. Parents are welcome to stay and participate or observe as much as desired, or use the time for other things, knowing their precious little ones are safe with us.

From 9-11am kids are introduced to pets, starting slowly with the easier pets and advancing throughout the week. They learn a few animal basics and safe handling techniques. Mostly, they just have fun playing with the animals!

2017 Lil' Critter Camp
Tue-Fri 9-11am
May 23-26, 2017 $75
4 day, morning camp for beginners!
Includes camp shirt, laundry T-R, and snacks.
Open Enrollment begins April 15!
Early Registration opens April 1 (addl fee)
Super Early Registration opens March 15 (addl fee)
0 of 12 spots available!

Mornings or Afternoons
CC has 0 of 24 spots available!
Note: 2015 CC sold out by May 4
         2016 CC sold out by April 6
         2017 CC sold out by May 1

Designed for first graders (ages 5-7), Critter Camp is a four day long, action-packed ½ day camp. Kids learn about and play with animals every day!

Friday includes a field trip to the Tortoise Farm, located on Pet World's 80 acre, private nature preserve. Parents are welcome to join us!

Critter Camp is our original, introductory camp for kids ages 5 and 6, up to a very young age 7. The camp is basically designed for kids entering or just completing first grade. Tuesday through Thursday kids learn about animals at Pet World, adding new animals every day. From 9am-12pm or 1-4pm, starting the Tuesday after Memorial Day, they have hands on experience with all the different types of animals we have at Pet World. Friday is a special day with a two hour field trip to Pet World’s Tortoise Farm! Never open to the public, Critter Campers can invite parents to join them in feeding Pet World’s famous tortoises in their secret outdoor enclosures and explore about 10 acres of PW’s private, 80 acre nature preserve. They get to catch frogs in the pond, hike through the woods, play in the mud, and splash in the creek. Critter campers are returned to their parents happy, dirty, and wonderfully exhausted!

Critter Camp
Camper practicing her new bird handling skills at Pet World.

Critter Camp
Camper helping with daily maintenance activities in our fishroom!

2017 Critter Camp
Mornings Tue-Fri 9am-12pm SOLD OUT!
(please call and ask about the waiting list)
May 30 - Jun 2, 2017 $140
0 of 12 spots available!

Afternoons Tue-Fri 1-4pm SOLD OUT!
May 30 - Jun 2, 2017 $140
0 of 12 spots available!
Reduced price, only 4 days due to Memorial Day
Includes camp shirt, laundry T-R, snacks, field trip to tortoise farm on Friday, and free field trip transportation (parents are welcome to join).
Open Enrollment begins April 15!
Early Registration opens April 1 (addl fee)
Super Early Registration opens March 15 (addl fee)

All Pet World camps are indoor & outdoor, rain or shine! Includes camp shirt, laundry, snacks, and field trip transportation!

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The Fine Print: Online registration forms are usually updated by March 1. Please check the year on the form before downloading or the price may be incorrect. Online registration is not an option, sorry. Parents, please download, print, then bring in the completed, signed form on April 15 or sooner.

Open Enrollment
Registration is ALWAYS handled in person, first come, first served, beginning when the store opens on APRIL 15 (tax day). AFTER the forms are processed in person, we'll begin accepting and processing mailed in and emailed registrations that are prepaid via check or called in with credit card (that did not include the early registration fee). Remember, parents who are signing up in person will be processed first and, yes, there is usually a line to get in before we open and we often sell out some camps by noon. If only there were more weeks in June!

Early Enrollment
It's possible to pay an additional, early registration fee and register beginning March 15. Early, prepaid registrations are processed in the order received as long as they are accompanied by the early fee. Parents can drop registration off early, mail the form with a check for payment, or email it and call with a credit card. Forms submitted with returned checks will be removed from registration until the bad check and fees are paid then added back to enrollment as space allows (provided spots are still available). The numbers of available spots are updated every day from March 1 until all camps are sold out (which happens every year by mid May.)

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