Holiday Sales and Events

Pet World Holiday Sales and Events (Covid 19 updates in RED)

MAGIC PET STOCKINGS! (starting early in 2020 to reduce the rush and reduce crowding)
From before Thanksgiving until Christmas you can share in Santa's magic! Buy one of our magic stockings for your pet (most are under $3) and Santa will take 20% off all the wearables, toys and treats you can stuff inside! We'll even personalize your stocking with your pet's name for free while you wait! A limited amount of giant, three foot stockings are available for $10. Play Santa and stuff all kinds of fun Christmas gifts inside to get 20% off whatever fits!
See a Pet World Santa specialist for details. Regular pet food and cage bedding excluded because Santa would never put anything that boring in a stocking!

Throughout the year Pet World offers a percentage back to customers on most of your purchases in the form of Bonus Bucks to be spent on your next visit. For Thanksgiving we normally GIVE BACK to you by temporarily increasing our Bonus Bucks an average of 10X the normal amount, but 2020 called for something a little different. 

We are always closed on Thanksgiving Day for employees to be with family so our Give Back promotion happens Thanksgiving weekend and lasts all day Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sunday, and ends at closing time on Cyber Monday. This year, instead of sales and gimmicks that encourage crowds, we are simply GIVING BACK 10% OF ALL SALES, (in store, over the phone, curbside, online, and delivery) to our store staff** for working retail straight through the pandemic (and all without any positive Covid cases, too). The only reason PW could remain open all this time is because the staff has been so careful and diligent, so this year please help us say thank you to them! Shop local and know that 10% of your purchase is going straight back to your favorite employees.

Need one-on-one time with our pet experts but can't make it in? Let us call you back! Your $20 personal consulation fee is deducted right off your purchase in the form of a credit. To reduce customer traffic in store, we are offering FREE personal shopping over the phone or via video call all weekend, Nov 27-28-29. Call 785-841-7476 to leave your name and number and we'll call you back! You can also submit a SPECIAL REQUEST online for a call back!

To reduce customer traffic in store, we are offering 
FREE LOCAL DELIVERY on all $20+ purchases made Thanksgiving weekend! Free deliveries will go out Tuesday and Wednesday, December 1 and 2.
 Free curbside pickup is still an option, as usual.

HOLIDAY BONUS BUCKS for Your New and Expanding Pet Passion (no Covid change)
For December, additional Holiday Bonus Bucks are available (on top of regular Bonus Bucks!) to the tune of 10% back on the purchase of qualified* kits and complete set-ups for your pets! December is the time to expand your pet passion!

for 2020 due to Covid 19 gathering restrictions
This event draws HUGE crowds so we were forced to cancel the 2020 Santa Sale due to the pandemic, social distancing limitations, and current gathering restrictions. Please take advantage of Magic Pet Stockings to get these same great deals all month long during off peak shopping times.

One weekend in December we extend Santa's magic beyond the stockings! Take 20% OFF all kinds of extras throughout the store for ALL your pets with no limits! Cages, tanks, decorations, beds, cat furniture, toys, treats, wearables -- all the fun stuff Santa would bring your pet goes on sale! Our Pet Stocking Stuffer Sale and Holiday Bonus Bucks are good throughout December but the unlimited 20% Off Santa Sale is only one weekend!
See a Pet World Santa Specialist for details.

BLUE CHRISTMAS! (Extended from 2 days to 24 days to reduce the rush and the crowds)
This event draws smaller crowds so we are stretching out our Blue Christmas from December 1-24.
Usually only the third weekend in December but all month for Decemeber 2020 we'll have a BLUE CHRISTMAS without you if you miss this event! Scratch off cards, incredible aquarium sales, magic pet stockings, and Lawrence Police Blue Santa info help for those in need. Watch for the blue signs throughout the store and join us anytime all month long!‬

To help with transitioning your new pet home during the busy, holiday season, or if you need to keep a special pet surprise hidden away safely before Christmas, you can board with us! Qualified* purchases include one week two weeks of boarding absolutely free. Or you can pay a ridiculously low price to board your exotic pets with us anytime. Call (785) 841-7476 right away. Space is limited.

*Qualified set ups are complete kits for new pets, premade or custom made on site, with everything your pet needs. They are also new, complete kits purchased to expand your existing pet's habitat. Please speak with an employee for additional details.
**10% Give Back will be proportionately divided up between PW retail employees according to how much they worked during the pandemic. Owners are excluded.

Thursday, Nov. 26 Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday, Nov. 27 10am-8pm Black Friday, Give Back Weekend begins
Saturday, Nov. 28, 10am-8pm Small Business Saturday, Give Back Weekend continues
Sunday, Nov. 29 11am-6pm Give Back Weekend continues @ 10X normal rate
Monday, Nov. 30 10am-8pm Last day for Give Back Weekend where 10% of all sales goes to employees** who have worked the retail sales floor throughout the entire pandemic and all managed to stay Covid free!

Friday, Nov. 27 Magic Pet Stockings begin (earlier this year)
Tuesday, Dec. 1 Holiday Bonus Bucks begin
Saturday, Dec. 5 Santa Sale cancelled due to Covid
Saturday, Dec. 6 Santa Sale cancelled due to Covid

Monday, Dec. 1 Blue Christmas begins
Thursday, Dec. 24 Blue Christmas ends @ 4pm
Thursday, Dec. 24, 10am-4pm (closing early as always for Christmas Eve)
Closed Christmas Day

Normal hours resume Saturday, Dec. 26
M-F 10am-8pm
Sat 10am-8pm
Sun 11am-6pm
Closed New Year’s Day

The Pet World experience is all about positive, mutually beneficial relationships between humans and animals. Please allow extra time when you visit so we can talk things all the way through. Buying animals or animal supplies online or through corporate, chain stores is not only destroying local, small businesses, it’s irresponsible and risky for the animals. Nearly all the animals we end up rescuing are originally purchased at corporate chain stores or online. Come see the rehoming experts at PW instead.

Our job is not just to adopt out or sell animals, but to make sure you have all the info needed to make the right decision and provide everything you need for success with your new pet. Sometimes the best pet decision is no pet at all or maybe regular visits to PW without taking home a pet until the time is right. We'll help you decide like we've helped thousands of others since 1988. And remember -- buying from PW keeps us here for you, now, and in the future.

Are you giving a pet as a gift? We can help with that, too! Just remove the holiday element from the gifting decision. Occasion aside, either the recipient is ready, willing, and able to have a pet or they are not. Occasion does not change responsibility level. If the situation is right, it's best to give the pet last, after letting everyone know to stay quiet and calm. Even better might be to gift the entire set-up with a stuffed animal or a picture of the animal inside and then bring them in later to get their pet.

As always, when in doubt, stop in to visit and let's talk about it. You're the reason we're here.

Think Global. Spend Local.
You're going to buy it somewhere.
Support the places who support you and your local community.
Shop at the places you'd miss most.

Holiday Sale

*Qualified set ups are complete kits for new pets, premade or custom made on site, with everything your pet needs. They are also new, complete kits purchased to expand your existing pet's habitat. Please speak with an employee for additional details.

**10% Give Back will be proportionately divided up between retail employees according to how much they worked during the pandemic. Owners are excluded.