Educational Programs

At Pet World, our mission is to promote affinity and respect for nature and all living things by making positive human-animal connections. We believe fostering a child’s natural interest in animals will lay the foundation for growing that child up to be someone who cares about the environment. Pets are an important part of growing up!

The programs we offer for kids are not just for entertainment. We hope to build on a child’s natural interest in animals and nature. Spending climate-controlled time using electronics is fine, but we encourage kids to get outside and get dirty! Playing with animals is the perfect way to connect your children to their world.

We encourage children to keep pets for many reasons.

First and foremost, we want to foster their natural affinity for animals. (Remember, we hope to plant a seed that will grow into an adult passion for animals and nature.)

Life lessons learned by children who keep pets are priceless.

  • They learn that every living thing needs proper care to live.
  • They learn to care for those who cannot care for themselves.
  • They learn that every living thing will eventually die, and that when something or someone they love dies, they will feel very sad, but they will feel better eventually.

These lessons are so much easier to learn in small doses when a child is young and their first loss is a goldfish or a hamster. Then later, when they lose a neighbor or a grandparent, children will recognize that sadness as something they have felt before, and something they’ve survived before as well.

Thank you for helping us keep kids connected to their world through their love of animals and nature!

Educational Programs

Below are links to our Kids' Programs arranged by age groups.

Pet World's Educational and Kids' Program staff are all trained professionals with years of experience working with children and animals. All are extensively trained in child development, teaching and coaching; First Aid, Rescue, and CPR certified; and background checked.

Pet World's Kids' Programs maintain adult-to-child ratios between 1:3 and 1:6 at all times.