Wilderness Camp

Ages 8-10 M-F June 22-26, 2020 $325
Flex times available:
Group 1 8am-3pm  3 of 6 spots available

Group 2 8:30am-3:30pm 0 of 10 spots available
Group 3 9am-4pm 0 of 6 spots available

Ages 8-10 M-F June 29 - July 3, 2020 $325
Flex times available:
Group 1 8am-3pm  4 of 6 spots available
(depending on demand) 
Group 2 8:30am-3:30pm 7 of 10 spots available
Group 3 9am-4pm 5 of 6 spots available
(depending on demand)

Two sessions this summer, back by popular demand! Designed for adventurous fourth graders (ages 8-10) who have attended Animal Camp at least once! (No first time Pet World campers, sorry.) Wilderness Camp is a week long camp designed for returning campers who just can't get enough of our private nature reserve and the tortoise farm!

Every day is an outing at the Pet World nature preserve including hiking, creeking, frogging, climbing, snake hunting, trailblazing, fort building, and lunch! Each day we'll begin and end with free time at PW. On Thursday evening, parents and families of 10 year olds (who will be too old to return next year) are invited to pick up at the private nature preserve instead of PW. Kids can take their families on a private tour of the property! 8 and 9 year old campers will return to PW for pick up at their normal time.

Every year our older kids had a hard time facing their last summer of PW camp so we created this advanced level camp for kids who had already mastered the lower levels. Most kids attend Critter Camp at age 5 or 6 (although they can now start in Lil' Critter Camp at 3!), move up to Animal Camp around age 7 or 8, then repeat Animal Camp one more time. Before Wilderness Camp, kids found themselves sad with no higher level camp for them to look forward to the next summer. Even though our camp kids are allowed to start volunteering at age 10 (instead of waiting until 11 like other youth volunteers) many of the really adventurous kids needed something more.

The truth is, Pet World's private nature preserve is a pretty magical place and most kids just can’t get enough of it. So Wilderness Camp was designed to take these kids to the next level and provide a camp for kids up to age 10. The 80 acre nature preserve is private with no public access. Very few people are allowed to use the property so it stays pristine and natural. The experience is about as primitive as a kid can get these days.

Because Wilderness Camp enrollment is limited to returning campers only, kids have considerably more independent, free time while at PW and only moderate refresher training is offered. In addition, we forego the traditional field trips and spend time at the nature preserve every single day, increasing throughout the week, with the Family Farewell on Thursday night. Even though they go home every evening, kids build forts and set up campsites a little each day while blazing trails, seining the creek, hiking, snake hunting, caring for the tortoises, and basically just enjoying nature with no interruptions from the modern, outside world. They learn to navigate using the sun and a compass and communicate with two way radios. (Families of 10 year olds are invited to join us Thursday night so kids can take them on a private tour of their Wilderness Camp experience!

Spots are very limited in all PW camps. We can only have as many kids as we have seatbealts. Early registration begins March 15 (with additional fees) and open enrollment starts on April 15.

Indoor, outdoor, rain or shine! (But mostly outdoors!)

The most all-inclusive of the PW camps, WC includes camp shirt, laundry service M-R, free transportation from PW to the farm and back, lunch M-F, drinks, snacks, and extra campfire snacks on Thursday night.

Wilderness CampCampers navigating trails (L).
Camp counselor teaching the kids how to start a campfire to cook their lunch - take note of the MUD (R).

Wilderness CampCampers with wild, baby ringneck snakes they found herping with camp counselors.

Brave camper crossing the famous tree bridge to go see the tortoise enclosure.

M-F 8am-3pm, 8:30am-3:30pm, 9am-4pm
June 22-26 and June 29 - July 3
19 of 38 Total Spots Available 
2019 SOLD OUT May 1
2018 - SOLD OUT April 1!

2017 - SOLD OUT April 2!
2016 - SOLD OUT May 15
2015 - SOLD OUT May 10

Super Early Registration opens March 15
(additional fee)
Early Registration opens April 1
(additional fee)
Open enrollment begins April 15!
(no additional fee)

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