Pet World's Dog Wash

Welcome to a Dog Wash unlike anything you've experienced.

Pet World spent years perfecting a more loving, less stressful bath time experience for dogs and now we're teaching our methods to you!

Muttday Mondays!
$15 Buddy Baths, $10 D.I.Y. Baths for all mutts up to 75 lbs.
¡Medio Precio Martes!
Cualquier servicio a medio precio para nuestros clientes que hablan español.
Wild & Wooly Wednesdays!
$15 deshedding and nail trim for walk-ins
$20 deshedding and nail trim for extra huge & hairy hounds
Half price Buddy Baths for all new clients, any day of the week.

DinkyDogSmall dogs who comfortably fit in our shopping baskets always get the Dinky Dog Discount of 20% off all regularly priced services!

Walk in or call 785-841-7476 to schedule an appt. 
We provide free deshedding and nail trimming with every bath we do!
Note: Owner stays and participates the entire time during the first visit as part of the intake process.

Buddy Bath TMThe Buddy Bath
Using a blend of classical and operant conditioning principles, along with respect for the canine mentality, we've developed a trademark dog bathing experience that is the least stressful approach we could imagine. By combining best practice tips from other, trusted canine professionals across the globe, our gentle, loving Buddy Bath™ system will leave both you and your dog feeling relaxed, happy, and satisfied. It's not the fastest or cheapest method, nor is it the slowest or most expensive, but it's definitely the most efficient within the boundaries of low stress dog bathing. Complimentary deshedding is always included, nail trims are optional. Make your appointment today to see for yourself what all the buzz is about!
(Big Buddy Baths for hairy dogs over 60 lbs may cost an extra 15%. Dinky Dogs get 20% off!)


Shepherd in tubThe Do It (mostly) Yourself Bath
After learning the Buddy Bath technique during your first visit, we'll help you determine if bathing your special canine is a one or two person job. For dogs who can be safely and comfortably bathed by one person, you can opt to use Pet World's private dog wash facility and save almost half your money by bathing your dog yourself. Everything you need is included. Our trained attendant will always be right there to get you started and help you master our compassionate canine approach but you'll do most of the work on your own using all of our equipment, tools, products, and towels, including our Furminators® for deshedding, at no extra charge. (Big DIY Baths for hairy dogs over 60 lbs may cost an extra 15%. Dinky Dogs get 20% off!)


CashDeShedding2The Deluxe (mostly) Full Serve Bath
After working alongside our expert bathers during your initial Buddy Bath you will see how smoothly the process went for your dog and, if your dog can be comfortably and safely bathed by one person, you may choose to pay extra and let us handle the bathing for you while you run errands, shop, or relax in our Aquatic Lounge. Because you know firsthand exactly what happens during the process and how your dog handles each step, you can make an informed decision regarding the services you want. We'll customize the bath to suit your dog's needs. Furminator® deshedding is included along with a complimentary nail trim and your choice of natural fragrance spritz. Stay for the very beginning of the process until your pooch is comfortable then return about 45 minutes later to a happy, clean canine. (Big Buddy Baths for hairy dogs over 60 lbs may cost an extra 15%. Dinky Dogs get 20% off!)

Just need a deshedding without a bath? No problem. Walk in anytime!
$15 for most dogs, $12 for Dinky Dogs. Extra specials on Wild & Wooly Wednesdays!

Tile 1About the tile artwork: After the fire destroyed Pet World, we asked our customer family what they wanted when we reopened and, at your suggestion, decided to add a dog wash during the rebuild. Sunfire Ceramics then coordinated a community effort to hand paint commemorative tiles for the new PW Dog Wash. We were touched by the gesture and anticipated maybe a cute row of tiles across the top of the tubs. Imagine our surprise when they delivered the tiles and there were hundreds! Box after box! Every day we are reminded of the outpouring of love and support from our community. Stop by and see the tiles for yourself, and prepare to have your heart overflow. 

You Asked. We Answered.
Like you, we found plenty of great, local places to get your dog groomed and more than enough self-serve dog washes around.
But every time you asked us for suggestions for something different, we could not find anything specifically canine-centric like what you wanted.
Here's what you asked for:

"Completely about me and my dog at that moment."
"Not super fast but doesn't take all day."
"Something different, a little more in the middle, between grooming and self serve."
"Quiet and calm."
"Compassion based, but not overly expensive."
"More about my dog than me."

Since we couldn't find exactly what you were looking for in a Dog Wash, we created it.
Thank you for this wonderful idea!

The Pet World Experience
Making a difference since 1988.

Pet World's Dog Wash is located in the back of Pet World,
711 W. 23rd St., Lawrence, KS, 66046.
Parking is readily available near our
Pooch Park on the west side of the building.

Current Dog Wash Hours: 
Mon-Fri, 12-6pm
Sat/Sun 12-5pm
Se habla español Martes y Jueves de 12-6.

Walk-ins are welcome. Appointments are guaranteed.
Call 785-841-7476 to schedule.