April 15th, 2014 - Easter Bunnies

Easter BunniesLive Easter Bunnies for Easter Presents?

Every year we're asked the question, "Is it okay to give live bunnies as Easter presents?" Our answer is always the same.

Yes! And no. It depends.

If the recipients are able and willing to cherish and care for the pet rabbit for the duration of its life, then anytime is a good time to give them a bunny! If not, then don’t. No occasion will change the responsibility of pet ownership or the correct person-to-pet match. It’s not about the occasion; it’s about the recipient.

Easter Bunnies

Fostering a child’s natural affinity for animals and teaching life lessons through responsible pet ownership is critically important in the development of children when the time is right. We applaud parents who resist the fuzzy temptations of chicks and bunnies around Easter time. For children who are not ready or willing to care for a pet, the responsible answer is always no. Just bring them in to PW sometime wearing their Easter clothes and take pictures with the bunnies to get your fix!

For the select, few children who are ready, whose parents have been planning to gift a bunny anyway and waitng for Easter to do it, guilt-free permission is granted. You know your child best and that decision is only yours to make. We share in your passion and salute you for your impeccable timing!

Happy Easter everyone!