Rhiannon Emerson (Dog Walker)

Rhiannon DogWalk4Rhiannon Emerson

Territory: Greater Lawrence 
Rhiannon is currently going to school in Tampa, Florida but, when she's in Kansas, she lives in south-central Lawrence and walks dogs anywhere in town. She was one of our first dog walkers and helped create the service, but, unfortunately, she's in Lawrence less and less these days so not very active anymore.

Dogs: Small to Medium, HIgh Energy Dogs  
Rhiannon works with most dogs up to about 50 pounds but specializes in small to medium dogs with lots of energy. She has the most experience with poodles and terriers and enjoyes their sassy attitudes. Rhi will customize your dog's walk however you like but long walks filled with exercise and exploring are her favorite.

Exercise, exploration, heel, and semi-heel instruction.

Before she moved in August to continue her education in Florida, Rhiannon spent her last summer at PW helping us set up our new Dog Walking Service. She was seen out and about walking dogs and training new staff all over town! Currently she will only be walking a few dogs when she is back in Kansas during breaks. 

Rhiannon Chubb