March 24, 2014 - Dart Frogs, Chameleons, and new Dripper Plants!

Hey reptile lovers! It's time for an update on some of the cool happenings in the creepy crawly section of Pet World!

Let's start with amphibians. PW currently has about the coolest selection of dart frogs that we've had in a long time! I know what you're thinking, "Aren't those poisonous?!" Well, technically, yes. But what gives them their extra 'kick' in toxicity actually comes from their food! In the wild, their varied diet of ants, spiders, and other tiny insects helps them produce their famous poison. At Pet World, however, we feed them fruit flies (click the link to watch a video of them eating) to their heart's content! So, of course, you wouldn't want to eat one. But these domestic frogs can't do as much damage as they could in the wild.

We typically have the standard Auratus and Vittatus but, for the first time, we welcome the Imitator dart frog! They are super tiny, very colorful, and actually pretty hardy for their size! Unfortunately, they still aren't the pet for cuddling; they are more ornamental, meaning, you can look, admire, and care for them, but you can't hold or play with them as often as others.

Dart frogs aren't the only awesome, ornamental pets available. We also welcome the Oustalet's chameleons! These tiny little lizards will grow to be one of the biggest species of chameleons, even bigger than our Veiled chameleons! To help with their husbandry, we now carry a new type of dripper. It's a plant that comes with a water pump. The water goes up the 'stem' of the plant, and pours off the leaf, back into the dish! It's a great way to keep them happy and hydrated. See a video of it in action below!


And last but not least, for those of you who dabble with breeding pets, we have a new type of incubator on the way! It's a convenient size, and perfect for hobbyists!

I invite you all to come visit our newest reptiles! We still have many of them available for you to see, hold, and help us socialize!

Dart From


Dripper Plant