Pet World Pink!

Pet WorldRead below about Pet World's 2011 breast cancer awareness promotion.
We reached our $1000.00 goal in a little over a week!

For ten days in 2011 - Fri, Oct. 7 through Sun, Oct. 16 - Pet World Lawrence donated 2% of all sales to breast cancer research via Susan G. Komen for the Cure - until we hit our $1000.00 goal! We encouraged our customers to make all their regular and major purchases between those dates to maximize our efforts and it worked!

Participating Pet World employees agreed spread the word, proudly wear pink to work, and many of them even offered to donate at least 2% of their paychecks to support our efforts. We are so proud of them!

Read some of the 2011 PW Pink Team Participants' comments:

Sherry Generally Pet World focuses our community efforts on causes directly related to children, animals, and nature. But breast cancer has recently hit us so close to home we felt compelled to get involved. Not long ago, our insurance agent's wife battled breast cancer. We'd been with them for decades and considered them friends but we didn't know what to we did nothing. Next, my husband's grandmother battled it and the experience really made us think. It was then, at 42, I decided to get my first mammogram. Then, last year, a former PW manager and one of our closest friends, was diagnosed - at 41 - and the experience was so frightening we knew we could no longer stand idly by.

Megan As a woman and a person who has been personally affected by breast cancer in two amazing women in my extended family there is no way I couldn't get involved when there was talk of going pink. I'm happily donating 10% of my paycheck as well as making efforts to make our website and social media sites as pink as possible to get the word out about breast cancer in October.

Rebecca I want to do this for the reason of doing the right thing and knowing I helped someone. I would like to give 10% of my paycheck instead of 2% please. I love what we are doing in the community and will work extra hard to achieve our goal of $1000.

Emilee When I heard about our Pink Team I couldn't not get involved. My aunt died from breast cancer a few years ago and my grandmother just had a double mastectomy. I happily agreed to donate at least 2% of my paycheck to help find a cure.

Ryan My grandmother has breast cancer and has suffered a lot because of it. So I'm going to wear Pink at PetWorld and help create more awareness in the community. I will be donating at least 2% of my paycheck and encourage others to do the same!

Pinky (Jessica D.) Pink is such a phenomenal color! I am more than happy to donate 5% of my paycheck to this cause. I've been fortunate enough to not have anyone close to me affected with this cancer. However, I know others are not so lucky. As compassionate human beings, it is only right for us to lend a hand where and when we can. I certainly can't find the cure for cancer, but I can help fund someone else who can. I'm so happy that we're doing this! And in true Pinky form, I think I'll dye my hair as well. =D

Chandra I am very proud to pledge my dedication to the Pet World Pink Team. As a health educator one of the areas I have been passionate in from the beginning is supporting awareness, education, and research for women's health issues such as breast cancer. I hope to make a difference not only in my career as a health educator, but in my support of causes, which is why I am donating at least 2% of my paycheck.

Jessica G. I would happily donate 2% of my paycheck to a cause so important. I lost my Tia (Aunt) Rosa to breast cancer, and it has always affected my family deeply. It makes me extremely proud that I can be a part of the Petworld Pink Team and help out anyway I can.

Camden I would love to join the pink team! My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and beat it!!!! I have friends whose moms have had breast cancer and it makes me sad to see the struggle not only the person diagnosed goes through but the friends and family as well. This is why I want to join the pink team and help beat breast cancer! :)

Alexis I haven't dealt with breast cancer specifically but my grandmother passed away 2 years ago from ovarian cancer. I'd like to pledge 2% of my paycheck to help ensure as few people as possible have to deal with the loss of a loved one due to any form of cancer.

Tim Like many people, my family has been affected by breast cancer. My grandmother is a survivor. I am happy to donate my time and money to support research to cure this horrible disease. I will even agree to wear pink for the love of the females in my life.

Cay I'm not always smart about how I spend my extra cash, so I'm very grateful to Pet World for structuring this opportunity to give. My grandmother was a breast cancer victim, as well as a strong advocate for research and awareness. I am proud to give five percent of my paycheck towards fighting this disease.

Rhiannon Pink is my favorite color! Most of my clothes are pink; my bedroom walls are pink; my nails are of course I am happy to join the Pet World Pink Team! Plus, I'm happy to help support finding a cure for the disease that has affected my great-grandma and my friend, Val.

Spencer I would like to support breast cancer awareness because I know people who've been affected by the disease. I am happy to wear pink because real men wear pink!

Faith Honestly I don't wear pink that often, and, though I haven't had anyone I know personally struggle through it, I'd love to be part of the team to help reach our goal.

Bridgett Joining a team of people actively working hard to make a difference in the community (and the world) was one of the reasons I was most excited to become a part of the Pet World staff. That is why I am committing to a donation of at least 2% of my paycheck as part of the Team PW Pink to take part in such a positive opportunity to help fund research, awareness, and education for such a great cause!

Ian Thank you for offering me this great opportunity to help out with such a good and needing cause. I would love to donate 2% of my paycheck to Breast Cancer Research.

Alex I want to be part of the Pet World Pink Team. Even though I haven't lost anyone to breast cancer, I respect the need for research grants and increased awareness and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this fundraiser. I'll be committing at least 2% of my paycheck.

Luke I have had several cases of breast cancer hit my family and would be more than willing to donate at least 2% of my paycheck. I will work hard to encourage my coworkers and customers to help out with the cause.

Morgan I have been fortunate enough to have never been personally impacted by breast cancer but I will proudly wear pink to support research that will prevent lives from being taken too early from this world. For this reason I will happily donate at least 2% of my paycheck to this cause.

Kevin I almost lost my aunt to Breast Cancer and my grandmother also. They fought through it and came out okay of which I am gifted. I would like to give 2% of my paycheck for Breast Cancer research.

Ande I am in on the Pink Team! I'm more than happy to donate at least 2% of my paycheck and wear pink every shift!

Owen I'm happy to donate 5% of my paycheck and wear pink to support the cause!

Anthony My family, like so many others, has been recently stricken with breast cancer. So to do my part, I will gladly contribute 5% of my paycheck to breast cancer research and awareness.

Also participating: Erin, Chris, Maria, and Bret!

Pet World had 100% employee participation in this event proving, once again, what an amazing group of people work at Pet World!