Komodo Dragons

This was an April Fool's joke in 2014!

Hey Pet World fans! We've been waiting months for confirmation on this, but we're finally excited to announce that we have just been approved to start carrying and selling (give me a little drum roll here).

Komodo Dragons!

We love reptiles and we know you guys do too. So we're always looking to diversify our selection and we've settled on these big guys for the next new thing!

We'll be getting in a shipment in the next few weeks of our first 5 baby komodos. You may be asking yourself "what do I need to take care of one of these?" well we'll have starter setups for sale by the time we get in our little baby dragons, but eventually you'll need to build something at home (we are talking about a 10ft lizard full grown here, people!). Aside from that you'll be looking at substrate, lighting, and heat just like with most lizards. A Pet World employee can help you get that all sorted out.

Here are a few komodo dragon facts to get you hyped up about the soon to be newest animals at Pet World

  • They're the largest living lizards at lengths of over 10ft and weighing over 300lbs! The average size for a male is around 9ft and around 200lbs.
  • Scientists are still studying their lifespan but they think they live around 30 years in the wild.
  • Hatchlings weigh less than 3.5oz and only average about 16in.
  • Female komodos lay about 30 eggs
  • They are typically fed rodents, chicks, and rabbits in captivity.
  • Scientists have found over 50 different bacterial strains in komodo dragon's saliva, at least seven of which are highly septic. Also research done in 2009 concluded that komodo dragons produce venom whose toxins can cause shock and decrease bloods ability to form clots - making it so you do NOT want to be bitten by these lizards!