Holiday Bonus Bucks and Stocking Stuffers!

December Specials!
Don't forget our big, one day, HOLIDAY SALE the first Saturday in December! (Please check Holiday Events page for annual updates to this event.)

Holiday Bonus Bucks
A qualified kit is an enclosure (cage, tank, etc.) plus food, substrate (bedding, gravel) and all the necessary equipment and supplies for a complete set-up. We have premade kits and we’ll be happy to help you make your own, customized set-ups.

Buy your new set-up and we’ll give you 10% of your total back in the form of Bonus Bucks you can spend as soon as the very next day!

We'll even give you a free week of boarding if your new pet is a surprise gift. You can pick it up any time before 4pm Christmas Eve.

Stocking Display