Baby Chameleons!

Look how big they're getting!

Baby Chameleons
Can you count all of the babies in this pic? (Hint: it's more than 7!)


They continued to hatch over Christmas and our staff just couldn't shake the excitement!


Newly hatched baby chameleon
Newly hatched baby chameleon(L), baby chameleon just started to peek from egg(R)

Newly hatched baby chameleon
They're eating well and growing fast!


Then December 19th we were very excited to announce we had baby veiled chameleons hatching!


Our mama chameleons did a whole lotta laying!

Chameleon eggs
This is the chameleon eggs after they've been carefully transferred into the box they'll incubate inside of until they hatch!

One of our mama chameleons laying her eggs earlier this year!

Mama starting to dig
Mama starting to dig.

Digging away!
Digging away!

Laying her eggs
Laying her eggs!

Tired mama covering them up
Tired mama covering them up!