Jan 26, 2014 - Returning campers and fast selling spots!

Pet World Werker

One of our followers on Facebook was nice enough to share this picture with us! This was on her daughter's homework. "When I grow up, I want to be a Pet World Werker." We absolutely melted when we read it! Thanks, Mrs.Cooper, for sharing! It's things like this that make working at Pet World such a special experience.

This is the last week to turn in your Junior Volunteer Applications! If you need to download one so you can get it filled out and return it quickly the link can be found here.

Past Campers

We only have a few spots left for our Spring Break Camp. If you haven't looked at the information about it yet it's a lot of fun! Similar to our Animal and Critter Camps in the summer - just without the field trips - this program teaches kids about all the different animals we have in the store. On Monday we learn about Small Mammals, Tuesday about birds, Wednesday about fish, Thursday about reptiles, then on Friday it's Campers Choice. Kids learn all about these different types of animals, how to take care of them, have lots of hands on experiences with them and then on Friday we can focus on the animals the group has been most interested in. For more information, or to print your registration form, click here.

Year after year we have new and returning campers visiting our store. Pictured on the left are two of our returning summer campers posing with Ande and a bunny. These kids have become expert animal handlers after attending our camps! On the right is another returning camper who, as a special reward for doing well in school, asked to visit Pet World! These kids make the down and dirty parts of this job so worth it!