March 16, 2014 - School Visits

This week has been ultra crazy and fun for kids programs! We've had birthdays, tours, classroom visits, plus all of our normal free programs. We're loving it! Not to mention with the weather finally warming up we have tons of people and kids in the store every day. Talk about a blast! This week has been AWESOME!

School Visits

You're might be thinking, "Pet World does tours and Classroom visits?" The answer is YES! You can read more about them here. This week I went to four second grade classrooms to do HERP lessons (reptiles and amphibians). I generally bring a few amphibians, some lizards and some snakes. We get them out one at a time and talk about them, then everyone gets to touch or hold them. It's an awesome, grand finale for these kids that work so hard during their herp units in school!

While I was visiting one classroom this week the school had a practice fire drill! I had forgotten how loud those sirens were in schools! The animals were totally fine, probably less startled than me. The whole event ended up being hilarious and we started up right where we had left off after the drill was over! I’ve been to tons of schools but that was definitely a first!

See you soon!