HERO Jim Haller

Jim HallerPW Hero Jim Haller

As soon as I heard about the fire, I called our friend, Jim. He answered, said he’d check on the situation, and call me right back. Jim is a close friend, a family man, a craftsman, an animal lover, a hunting buddy of Tim’s, and a local police officer with a wonderful wife and family. He has been part of the Lawrence community for many years. He lives near us and near Pet World and has always, always been a great friend and source of support. And did I mention he is just a really nice guy? One of the nicest folks I’ve ever met. Jim immediately called me back and let me know the fire was very serious. We were 20 minutes away so I asked him to go to the scene and act on our behalf until arrived. I knew if there were immediate decisions that needed to be made Jim would know what to do. He didn’t even hesitate.

Jim is a man of true character. I am thankful he’s a part of our lives. How often are we fortunate enough to have people we trust completely? In that moment of crisis I didn’t stop and ponder what to do or who I should call. I just picked up the phone and called Jim. No thought. No hesitation. I knew he would help and he did. The peace of mind that comes from trusting a friend who has your back simply cannot be quantified; it’s priceless.

Jim Haller is a hero.