March 16, 2014 - Test Kits & Gouramiss

Test kits

Alex and Customer

It's all in the chemistry. There are many factors to consider when maintaining proper, aquarium water quality. Fish, plants, and other water dwellers are generally pretty sensitive to their environments since they absorb elements directly into their bodies from the water they live in. One important factor is pH levels. The measurement of acidity vs. alkalinity in your water is your pH, with 0-6 being the most acidic and 8-14 the most alkaline. Many plants and a huge variety of fish need a neutral water environment with a pH of 7.0 and even slight pH changes can cause problems in your aquarium. Since your tank is a closed system with living organisms, water chemistry changes all the time. The only way to be 100% certain about your water quality is to test it weekly. We recommend testing for pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. That way you can always stay in sync with doing water changes, and catching a small problem before something major happens.

Pictured is Alex doing a water test for a customer. Remember PW does water changes for free every day but if you’d like to test your water at home come in and purchase one of our API Test Kits.


GouramisFeature Fish: Gouramis

These anabantoids or oxygen breathers from the far east are more than just colorful fish. Over the years they have managed to sneak to the forefront of the aquarium hobby. Gouramis have adapted to thrive in the stagnant waters that exist in their endemic regions. With their hardy and robust nature contrasting well against the sheer beauty they possess, gouramis make suitable candidates for pretty much any aquarium. Their sizes ranges from the tiny little Honey Dwarf Gouramis up to the two foot Giant Gouramis. Come by the store and check out which of these little guys could be right for your aquarium!

All Gouramis will be Buy 2 Get 1 Free through the end of March!

See you soon!