Jan 16, 2014 - Javawood trees on sale! New birds and bird cages plus our cute baby cockatoo!

Welcome to our new zone blogs! We want to keep our customers updated on what's going on in every area of our store and this is where the managers will be posting about new products, sharing fun pictures and videos, and keeping you up to date on new products and sales!

This week our Bird department is expecting to get in new parakeets and cockatiels! Stop in this weekend to visit our new additions!

Baths are a healthy part of any birds lifestyle and ours are no different. One day Ande had picked up a spray bottle to start cleaning out a cage when our baby umbrella cockatoo saw the bottle in her hand. He immediately lost his mind with excitement, puffed up, and started dancing to get her attention so she'd spray him. Now, spraying him with cleaner wouldn't work so she went and got one of our water only, birdy bath spray bottles and right after she snapped the goofy picture of him to the left - our baby cockatoo got the bath he was begging for!

Javawood SALEWe're also excited to tell you we got in 30 new bird cages this week! If you've been looking to get your bird a new cage or add a new feathery friend to your family - we've got all kinds of new cages in stock right now!

On SALE this week in the Bird department are javawood trees! With a variety of sizes, these nearly indistructable "trees" are great enviroment enrichments and perches for all sorts of pet birds. Right now they're currently 20% off! Pictured is a smaller size, we also have very large ones for bigger parrots.

See you soon.

Excited Cockatoo