Feb 22, 2014 - Safe foods, Bath time, and new Doves!


Along with a high quality pellet and/or seed diet it's also very important to make sure your birds are getting fresh fruits and vegtables! There are a couple of tricks to getting your feathery friend to try new things. Some people like using frozen fruits or veggies, especially in the summer. Your bird will play with them frozen and chew on and eat them as they thaw out throughout the day. Another is to pretend like you want to eat the treat you've given them. Your bird is naturally curious and your interest in the food will normally make them interested in it as well. Typically speaking, smaller birds (like cockatiels) enjoy veggies while larger parrots enjoy more fruits. Remember to stay away from avacados, onions, garlic, tomatoes (especially raw tomatoes, cooked tomatoes in moderation seem to be okay), mushrooms, and celery (the strings in celery have been known to cause crop impaction).


We also have exciting news in the bird department! All of our parrots are talking! They say "Hi," "Hello," "Step Up," and some of them say more than that! Our babies are growing up so fast! We also currently have some sweet, hand raised doves. Doves make great first time bird pets since they're not as needy as some other birds, but are sweet as can be - especially with children!

Something else to keep your birds happy and healthy is giving them baths! Some birds like to be sprayed with a gentle mist from a spray bottle, some like to be given a shallow dish of water to bathe in, and some people even shower with their larger parrots! We have a few products at the store to help with moulting and feather condition that you can use as you bathe your bird. Enjoy this playlist of videos of birds (and a couple of chinchillas as a bonus) taking baths at Pet World.

Bird Bath Spray