March 16, 2014 - Messy Birds

Bird Supplies

Seed Catcher

We LOVE our birds at Pet World! Seriously, I might even be borderline obsessed with birds! They are fun, interactive, playful and so much more. But they are also very MESSY! Any bird owner would agree that while they are not necessarily very smelly, they can make a mess bigger than you had ever dreamed. We have several new products that help prevent the mess and clean it up when it does happen! Some of my favorite products are Tidy Seed No-Mess Bird Feeders. They are designed for small and large birds. They're basically an acrylic box that holds your bird's seed, so when they go to fling their seed everywhere it just hits the wall. Genius!

Another thing you can do to prevent seed spillage is get some sort of seed catcher that goes on the outside of the cage. We have mesh seed catchers available for small and medium cages. They come on and off the cage effortlessly and are easy to clean. Another option for small and medium birds would be to get a cage that has an all plastic base, such as Vision cages. The plastic base prevents seed from being flung outside of the cage! Many large bird cages also come with metal seed catchers that fan out from the base to catch seed that is pushed outside the cage!

We all know that bird poop seems like concrete when it drys. We have a new but awesome product that is called "Poop Off" you've got to see to believe. You just spray it on the grates of your cage, let it sit for a bit then wipe it down! It's super easy and 100% safe for your bird!

Below is a video of one of our macaws playing his favorite game called, “Let's see how much seed I can spill on the floor before I get caught!” To prevent this from happening we suggest getting cages that have locks on the doors. (We sure learned our lesson!) Also, since birds are natural foragers and want to know what’s on the bottom of their dish, it helps to use an oversized dish and put less food in then add more as needed. This helps satisfy your bird and keep your floor clean! Enjoy!

See you soon!

Poop Off

Tidy Seed