Is your group interested in coming to Pet World? We offer tours for a variety of budgets, ages and sizes of groups! Below are our tour options.


Tour Option #1 Free Tours These tours are 30 minutes long with a max of 20* kids. We can divide the 30 minutes any way your group would like.  Spend 10 minutes each in three different areas of the store (Reptiles, Birds/Small Mammals, and Fish); 15 minutes each in two areas; or all 30 minutes in just one area!  Typically your group will meet and learn about 2-3 different animals during this tour.

Up to 20* kids - No charge!

Tour Option #2 Expanded! This tour is 45 minutes long with a max of 30* kids. During this tour we’ll study 4-5 animals and spend time in the three main departments of the store (Reptiles, Birds/Small Mammals, and Fish).  Kids will have opportunities to observe and pet animals in each department.

10-20* kids - $30   

20-30* kids - $50

Tour Option #3 VIP Package! This is an hour long tour and your group will have exclusive use of our education room for a more personal feel.  During this tour your group will meet privately with multiple animals from each department of the store (Reptiles, Birds/Small Mammals, and Fish) including either our Burmese Python, Goliath, or our green iguana, Carlita! After we’ve spent time in the education room your group will venture out into our Fish area and be given an opportunity to help feed our fish then will be guided through the other departments to see the rest of our animals.

10-20* kids - $50

20-40* kids -$75


NOTE: All tours booked during the colder months (mid-October through early May) will include hand feeding our giant tortoises while they're on exhibit at Pet World! (Tortoise feeding unavailable in summer, early May to mid-October, when tortoises are at the farm.)

*To keep a ratio between 1:5 and 1:6 adults to children we ask that groups of 20 come with at least 3 adults, 30 with 4 adults and 40 with 5 adults.  Each group will be led by a trained Pet World Employee and groups of 30 or more will typically be split into two separate, rotating groups.

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