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Meet The "Staff"


Fletcher is Pet World's double yellow headed amazon parrot. She was hatched on April Fool's Day in 1995, in captivity in Kansas City, and has been a part of Pet World since before she even had feathers!  One of the owners (Tim) purchased her as a "Mother's Day" gift for the other owner (Sherry) who thought Fletcher was a boy.  One day, the current Bird Department manager, Jacki, decided to run a DNA test. The results came back female but we've never revealed this secret to Fletcher.  With quite the customer following, Fletcher spends her day talking up a storm with customers, visiting schools and participating in our educational programs to help teach children about birds.

While we tend to have other birds at Pet World who learn to talk, there is a good chance that anytime you hear a wolf whistle, a "Hello!" or a quiet "Hi," that's Fletcher.  Her first word was "Hola," and her funniest phrase is "Heeeeeeeere Kitty Kitty!"  If she wants attention, you may hear her shout "Mama!" until someone comes and talks to her.  Yes, she does say the infamous, cliché "Polly want a cracker?" but she learned that from customers!   



The Tortoises

Pet World houses 9 tortoises during the colder, winter months.

Our customer favorites are probably the 5 giant African Spur Thigh tortoises. These guys are so spoiled that not only do they live in an outdoor pen during the summer months that is bigger then our entire store (with a greenhouse and all of the sunshine, grass, wildflowers and clover they can get) but when they're brought inside for the winter they're hand fed by customers every day at 4 o'clock! There are two males (the biggest two of the bunch) and 3 girls in our group. We're unsure of the ages of the biggest 4 because we rescued them some years ago with no real way to tell their age, but we estimate they're between 35 and 45 years old. The smallest of the girls was born at Pet World in Y2K. She came to us in 2010.

Smaller but not to be forgotten are the 4 Red Footed tortoises that also spend their winters indoors at Pet World! These 4 adorable guys are the parents to the baby red foots you see in our store every year. They may be smaller but they have all of the personality of our bigger tortoises and absolutely love bananas. As the smaller of our tortoise staff members these guys often participate in our Educational Programs and come with us to local schools.

Carlita Carlita
 Carlita came to us in 2011 as Carlos. After further examination we realized this full of personality green iguana was actually a female and not a male! Soon, Carlos became Carlita and has been a working part of our animal staff ever since. When she's not sunning herself in her enclosure, eating, or taking a nap this big girl is making visits to schools, at birthday parties, and is a regular at Story Time Live and Feature Creature!

 We're unsure how old Carlita is, but we know she isn't quite full grown yet so we're excited to watch this big, often misunderstood, reptile grow as she becomes quite the star in our store!



Tofu was Pet World's Savannah Monitor. Tofu came to us in the spring of 2010 when his owners could no longer take care of him. We met Tofu and, even though he was old and out of shape, we knew right away he would make a great addition to our animal staff! Tofu was about 2ft long (not including his tail). He spent his days much like a fat cat - napping, sunning himself under his heat lamp, and overeating whenever possible. Tofu is fondly remembered for visiting schools and participating in our educational programs to teach children about these large, often misunderstood, reptiles.

Tofu passed away in his sleep in March, 2013. He lived a long, happy, life and brought joy to many through education and endless photo opportunities. Pet World is happy to have had Tofu for the last few years of his life. He will be missed.



Goliath is Pet World's Burmese Python and has been a part of our staff since 2005. He will grow to be close to 20ft when full grown and weigh up to 200lbs. He spends his days at Pet World napping, basking under his lights, exploring his cage, going to schools and participating in our educational programs teaching children that snakes aren't the scary, slimy reptiles they're sometimes labeled to be and the importance of understanding your pet's needs not only when young, but also when full grown.


Queen Latifah

This is Queen Latifah. She is one of the newest kids program members! She was born in approximately 2009 and is a harlequin/dalmation Crested Gecko! We got her on April 7th, 2014, and already she has been to TONS of birthday parties and several presentations. Although we haven't had her long, she is already making an impact on the hearts of everyone she meets.

Here is a quick, cute video of her drinking from her waterfall!


The rest of the crew!

Pet World is also home to any number of other animals used in our education programs! This currently includes, but isn't limited to: a Taiwan beauty (Haiku), a bearded dragon (Lola), and an adult albino blood python. Plus, a lot of our staff members will even bring their own pets to show during educational programs! We also bring animals that are still for sale in the store and are constantly adding to our animal staff.