Animal Camp

Designed for adventurous third graders (ages 7-9) who love animals and aren’t afraid to get dirty! Animal Camp is a week long, action-packed day camp. Kids will learn about nature and animals, work and play with animals, and take field trips every day! We promise Animal Camp is unlike any camp your child has been to.

Friday will be an all day outing at the Pet World nature preserve including hiking, creeking, climbing, snake hunting, and lunch!

Due to popular demand, Animal Camp has been revised for 2014 and expanded into three categories with a new camp added for advanced level campers! Since Animal Camp sells out quickly every year, we’ve added an extra week for returning campers to make room during the other weeks for more kids!

Week 1 Animal Camp is specifically designed for first timers. These may be younger kids, former campers who have completed a week of half day Critter Camp and are now ready for all day Animal Camp, or those who are completely new to the PW camp experience. Detailed instruction will be available to all Week 1 campers since everyone is new.

Along with other first timers, Week 1 kids will learn about the animals we carry, beginning with small mammals and working their way up through birds, reptiles, and all the different PW animals! They’ll become expert handlers and impress their parents with their pet knowledge. Daily field trips will expose kids to nature in the great outdoors. We’ll start with smaller field trips then work our way up to an all day trip on Friday, visiting places like the ranger station, nature trails, and Sanders Mound at Clinton Lake, Prairie Park nature center, Mary’s Lake, the Baker Wetlands, the Tortoise Farm, and even make a trip to Sunfire Ceramics to paint Animal Camp keepsakes. On Friday we’ll spend the entire day at Pet World’s 80 acre nature preserve – home of the famous PW tortoises!

Week 2 Animal Camp is essentially the same experience as Week 1 but with a mix of new and returning campers. Detailed instruction will be provided to new campers while returning campers enjoy extra free time. Focus animals – a carefully selected favorite animal for in depth study - will be introduced during Week 1 but not available until Week 2. Kids will be free to choose their favorite pet and spend extra time each day playing with it and learning about it. On Friday morning, most campers will present a short lesson on their focus animal and teach the group what they learned. Parents are welcome to stay and enjoy watching the campers swap roles with the counselors and do the teaching. Week 2 will have some of the same field trips as Week 1 with extended time at the Tortoise Farm. Week 2 Animal Camp is recommended for older first timers or campers who are returning for the second time. We recommend Wilderness Camp for third time campers.

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Campers hanging out in the creek at the tortoise farm.

Spots are very limited in all PW camps and sign up starts on April 15.
If you're signing up with friends and neighbors, make sure you sign up for the same week! 

Indoor & outdoor, rain or shine!

Includes camp shirt, laundry M-R, snacks, field trips, transportation, and lunch on Friday.


Download the Registration Form Here.

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Whenever possible please print on both sides of recycled paper.

AnimalCampF1Camper proudly showing off how muddy she got during camp!AnimalCampF3 Campers observing and handling just hatched baby snakes.
Camp counselor showing campers a worm snake found while herping.
AnimalCampF2 Campers holding our giant burmese python, Goliath!