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Gerbil Care Tips
Gerbil Supplies
Before you bring your gerbil home be sure to have a cage and bedding. You may add more gerbil supplies as you become familiar with the particular needs of your pet.

Gerbil Cages
There is no lack of variety when it comes to your gerbil's housing. You can build a veritable city for your gerbil with different combinations of cages, tubes, tunnels, penthouse suites and a variety of other features, which are as much fun for you as they are for your gerbil. On the other end of the scale, your gerbil can easily live in a simple wire gerbil cage.

Gerbil Care
Proper gerbil care will help promote good mental and physical health. Consistent, moderate temperatures are best for gerbils. Keep them out of cold drafts and direct sunlight. Make sure you've battened down the hatches on their habitat, so your critter can't escape.