Fish Fish Supplies
Fish Supplies

Some of the gravel selections you'll find for your fish tank.
A wide shot of our food aisle - we've got various brands and even bulk food!
Some of our tank cleaning supplies. 
A very small shot of some of our filters - a staff favorite, the AquaClear and accessories we carry for it. We carry lots of different types and brands of filters though.

Fish Supplies


Pet World carries a wide variety of fish merchandise for all your aquarium needs. We have glass and acrylic tanks in many sizes, glass tops and full hoods, and a wide range of lighting and bulbs, including incandescent, fluorescent and LED. We carry a variety of filters (canister, submersible, hang-on-back, under-gravel), power heads, pumps and protein skimmers, heaters and thermometers, many varieties of fish food and a wide selection of tank-safe decorations. We have aquarium cleaning supplies, water testing kits and fish chemicals including medications, pH regulators and dechlorinators and supplies for live planted tanks including liquid and solid plant supplements, plant management utensils such as sinkers and tongs, and CO2 systems. We also carry more specialized items such as RO/DI systems and UV sterilizers. Come into the store to store to see our exact selection or give us a call!


· Lights (incandescent, fluorescent, compact, LED, nano, accent-lighting)

· Decorations

· Glass tops/hoods (incandescent, fluorescent, LED)

· Aquarium backgrounds (Foam & Paper)

· Gravel (rock, sand, aragonite, plant  stratum, fluorite)

· Live rock

· Bulk rock

· Books

· Pumps(Utility&Circulation)/Power heads

· Aquarium/Setups & kits (5-55 gallon, Marine, Marineland, Aqueon)

· CO2 systems/Accessories

· Plant supplements (liquid & solid)

· Plant management utensils (sinkers, tongs, scissors)

· Water testing supplies (kits, individual tests)

· Thermometers/heaters

· Aquarium dividers

· Fish breeding nets/boxes

· Aquarium maintenance supplies (gravel vacs, algae scrubbers, sealant, gloves)

· Fish food

· RO/DI systems

· Filters(canister, submersible, hang on back, undergravel, biologi-chemical)/Accessories/Media

· UV sterilizers

· Air stones, valves, tubing


·      Fish medication (fungal, bacterial, parasitic)

·      pH regulators (phosphate & nonphosphate)

·      Dechlorinators

·      Biological enhancers

·      Water conditioners (algae, nitrite/nitrate removers)

·      Water buffers

·      Trace elements/food supplements

Some of our Fluval brand filter options and accessories. We cary quite a few options as far as brand and styles of filters go.
Some of our lightbulb selection. We carry bulbs for freshwater tanks, live planted tanks and marine tanks.
We also carry lots of supplies for small tanks for bettas (and other small critters).