Fish Fish Care Tips
Fish Care Tips
Fish Tank Hydrometers
Hydrometers are used to measure the density or salinity of the water. When you first set up your saltwater tank, you should read the hydrometer frequently. Once you have maintained a relatively constant specific gravity, you will need to read the hydrometer on your fish tanks every two or three days.

Fish Tank Decor and Toys
Choosing d├ęcor and fish products for your tank can be especially enjoyable for the fish owner. The main thing you'll need to concentrate on is giving your fish enough room to move around. Don't plan on filling your fish tanks so full of plants, rocks and reef setups that your fish feel as if though they live in an obstacle course.

Supplies for Your Aquarium
Your personal preferences and the type of fish you want to keep will determine the supplies you need for your aquarium. If you are going to keep a basic aquarium, you will need the following fish supplies before you bring your new fish home: A variety of fish food appropriate to the species that you intend to keep, appropriately-sized fish tank, aquarium stand, aquarium gravel, aquarium salt to help cure and prevent fish diseases (freshwater only) and other fish supplies.

Choosing Fish and Plants
One of the joys of maintaining an aquarium is the seemingly endless ways you'll discover to vary fish, plants and additional creatures. Freshwater fish tanks are less expensive and as a rule, easier to maintain. Saltwater fish tanks also exist for the beginner, but these tanks have stricter requirements and is less forgiving of mistakes.

Equipping Your Aquarium
Creating a well-balanced aquatic ecosystem requires special fish supplies. Before you start shopping for swimmers, pick a tank and set it up with fish products so your new pets have a place to come home to. Your finny friends will appreciate the time you spent assembling their underwater paradise.